Monday, 4 August 2014

My Family

My Family

In the holidays I mostly stayed at home.  One night my brother and his family came to stay for a sleepover.  My brother’s name is Sefo.  He came with his girlfriend.  She is called Seta.  Sefo brought my niece and nephew over too.  They are Sefo’s son and daughter.

My niece’s name is Nia.  She is named after my mum.  Nia is only little.  She is still a baby.  My nephew’s name is Isaac.  Isaac is only 2 years old.  He is still young.  He is younger than me. 

They all had a sleep over.  This was because it is going to be my brother’s birthday next week.   He is going to have a party.  It is going to be cool because all of my family are going to be there.

By Kena