Thursday, 15 October 2015

In The Holidays

In the holidays I celebrated my brother’s superhero 5th happy birthday.  My brother’s name is Jacob.  We went to Bounce and Beyond entertainment centre. 

My mum said, “First we will put the Happy Meals out”, and she did.  We had to wait to eat our Happy Meals until my brother had put on his costume.  Next the rest of us put our costumes on.  I was Super Girl.  My brother was Flash.  My sister was Spider Girl.  My cousin Gloria dressed up as Wonder Girl.

After that the little kids sat down and my brother Jacob did his dance, for his birthday.  Then we opened our Happy Meals and we ate them.  They tasted yum. 

Later that day I played with my brother and cousin.  We played on the Bouncy Castle and finally we packed all of our things.  We took the presents back home. 

When we got back home my brother opened one present.  It was a toy gun with sling shots.  Then he opened all of his presents.  He was really happy with his presents and I had a terrific day too.