Friday, 23 August 2019

Treasure Box


I see the fear and sadness in the villagers eyes.
I smell the burning ashes of the burnt books.
I hear the crying of babies.
I feel sad and scared because they took me and my family.

As I am walking back I think about all those terrible things that have happened in the village. All the booms, the burnt books and the burning flashes. Everyone is now asleep. The feeling of sleeping on the side of the road feels like lying on a solid bed with rubbish around it and insects crawling around.

We have finally arrived in the village it seems weird being in a new village, it’s okay. I have some friends now. But I miss my hometown and I want to go back. We had a big feast and we thanked the village for the food. My friends and I left the village first thing in the morning.

I am so tired of moving villages and trying to find food in the cold weather and trying to find different villages where I can finally stay and make my home. I am sick and tired of doing this everyday.


Monday, 5 August 2019

Smart Relationships.

In Cyber smart we learned how to have smart relationships.