Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Treasure Box: Narrative

Our village has been bombed the library is on fire I see the fear and sadness in the villagers eyes. I smell the burning ashes of the burning books. I hear the crying of babies. I feel scared because I am scared the Germans might take all of my family.

 As I walk around the village to see what was happening I see all the burning body’s around. I hear the bombs exploding everywhere and I also hear the crying of mother’s when the enemy tries to take their children. As I walk back home as if nothing is happening I grab my knapsack and start to pack everything I need. My father , I and the village start to flee the village. Looking back at the village is sad because I grew there and I have lots of memories with my family. For days and nights of walking we finally found a place to sleep, which was a big hole that could fit everyone in. After snuggling together to keep warm I look up in the sky and I start to think about my Mother, wondering where could she be, is she safe all I want to know is if she is still alive.

 As we pack all our things getting ready to find somewhere else to sleep I am still thinking about mother. A few days later my father became very ill. His face was really pale and cold. He sneezed and coughed a lot. I stayed with him all night till I woke up and found him dead. My heart stopped. I started to cry but then I thought to myself, ‘’ he’s in a good place now’’. I didn’t have time to cry so I went and asked for help. Some of the people from my village helped me bury my father. When we finally said our last goodbyes some people put in notes saying that he was a ‘loving father, brother and husband.’ After the burial the people asked me, ‘’ what is that in your hand’’. I said ‘’it's a book that my father gave me, it’s about our people. The village said ‘’ leave the book it’s a waste of time’’. Instead of listening to the people I left my suitcase and took the book. As we are traveling I see this large mountain and I think about how I am going to travel around it. I am resting, I see this tall tree the people told me it’s called a ‘’ Linden Tree’’. I decided to bury the book there instead of carrying it around. For years and years I stayed in this strange country.
I am now 23 years old and I work as a police officer.

When my old village was fixed up again there was lots of colorful houses and the library was done up and it was painted different colors, it was so beautiful. I went into the library and I saw lots of books I started to read this fairy tale called ‘’ The Lazy Girl’’. After I had finished reading the book I started to walk back home I saw a little girl playing around the lendon tree so I went to her and said, ‘’ Do you know there is treasure here.” The little girl jumped for joy when she heard this so she helped me dig up the treasure. She said ‘’ will there be ruby’s, silver and gold’’. I took the book out of the thick cloth and she said “oh it’s just a book. I told her that this book is rarer than rubies more splined then silver and greater than Gold. The little girl asked me if she could read the book and I said yes. Years after that I finally got married with 3 kids and 4 grand kids. I first told my kids about the treasure and they had the same reaction as the little girl and I told them ‘’ Rarer than rubies, more splined than silver and greater than gold. After they had become men they got married and had kids, they told their kids the story too and they were amazed. This treasure became a tradition in our family.


  1. Kia Ora Kena! It's Aleenah a very interested viewer. This is a really long story with many good ideas. I am guessing that this is a remake of the book you've read. Thank you for posting your narrative stories!
    Kind regards, Aleenah

  2. Hello Kena! Nice Narrative Writing! Maybe try blogging more after all its 2020! Keep it up

  3. Hi, Kena I like the way you use the descriptive word about the Treasure Box Narrative and also keep up the good work.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you Veronica for your positive comment I will make sure to check out your blog.Have you cheeked out my blog.Thank you for your comment but maybe next time you should add more detail. What kind of disruptive words did you like.